Animals and Birds Puzzle

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  • Animal and Birds Puzzle 12 pieces JIGSAW PUZZLE for kids age 3 and up . Size: 10X8 inches;
  • Brightly coloured wild, farm, sea animals and birds are curated to help your child learn and create memories through the joy of a toy.
  • Skillset: builds fine motor skills; sharpens creativity and curiosity
  • Great RETURN GIFT for Kids, comes packed in Reusable sturdy Box. Throw a Jungle Themed Birthday Party and this is a perfect return gift for the kids!

WondrBox brings to you, different learning kits to help your children to develop their knowledge and skills. It will help unleash the creativity within your kid. The Animals & Birds Jigsaw Puzzle contains fun colours and pieces that your kids will enjoy. It is a great way to recharge the brain with the exciting puzzles. It helps kids become more creative.


Develops Basic Skills

The Wondrbox Animals & Birds Jigsaw Puzzle contains puzzle pieces that are size 10×8 inch. It has a total of 4 puzzle projects with 12 pieces in each project in this pack. This kit will help in developing fine motor, hand-eye coordination skills, problem-solving skills and concentration power.

Perfect for Ages 3 – 5 Years

The Wondrbox Animals & Birds Jigsaw Puzzle has been specially designed to cater to the needs of the age group 3 – 5 Years. It serves as a perfect gift to kids of this age group as it gives a hands-on play experience with an engaging option for a screen-free fun activity.

Safe Materials

The materials used in making the jigsaw puzzle pieces are child-safe and non-toxic. Each piece has a precise interlocking snap when attached to each other. They are thick, sturdy, and chip-resistant.


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